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STEINMETZ offers plenty of consumer benefits

»Eat safe« benefits
Removing environmental pollutants
Removing bacteria, mould, pesticides, lead and harmful substances
STEINMETZ Premium Flour – as pure as flour can be
Our unique STEINMETZ grain washing and purifying process makes this happen.


 »Made in Germany« benefits
100 % German quality
100 % German heritage
100 % Made from German natural grown grain
100 % GMO free grain
100 % No additives in the flour
Our STEINMETZ Premium flour is »Made in Germany«.


All these benefits have all types of wheat, rye and spelt flours from STEINMETZ.


STEINMETZ wholegrain has additional benefits:

»Wholegrain« benefits
STEINMETZ wholegrain consumption is saving health especially
STEINMETZ wholegrain has a reduced risk of diabetes, overweight and cancer
STEINMETZ wholegrain has removed environmental pollutions
STEINMETZ wholegrain has a better taste because of reducing bitter substances
STEINMETZ wholegrain is better to digest because of removing the outer hull
STEINMETZ is member of Healthgrain Forum
STEINMETZ wholegrain has incredible advantages for health and taste.