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Trade bakers are welcome here

Stefan Steinmetz is the premium flour for bakers with standards and skill. The inventor of our flour, Stefan Steinmetz, changed the world ahead of his time in 1892. He is in no way inferior to the great inventors of the age, as his invention of the grain cleaning process is now more modern than ever. The Steinmetz family clearly recognised this and continues this legacy in the way the company operates with select partners. Increasing food risks and consumer uncertainty are our motivation to turn his ideas into a global success and to make them the epitome of one of the best flours in the world.



Tobias Steinmetz: Committed to my great-grandfather’s idea

STEFAN STEINMETZ flour for trade bakers

Baked goods made from STEFAN STEINMETZ flour are something special. Learn about the STEFAN STEINMETZ purity requirement here, along with other hard facts about keeping healthy.

Stefan Steinmetz (1858-1930) saw that grain was far more contaminated in a variety of ways than could be seen with the naked eye.

STEINMETZ’s milling partners buy the grain regionally in order to support regionality and sustainability.