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Bakers are welcome here

For more than 125 years STEINMETZ stands for the invention of grain washing and purifying, premium flour, bread marketing and food purity.

In a world that is constantly growing, foods with special purity and safety will become more important. Good bread and good pastries are included.We invite you to buy STEINMETZ Premium Flour to add value to your baking goods.

Furthermore we offer selected partners to get the STEINMETZ license for their market.

On the following pages we introduce you to this heritage, to our company values and products.



Tobias Steinmetz, President

Wheat -, rye - and spelt - Premium Flours

Baked goods made from STEINMETZ Premium Flour are something special. Learn about the STEINMETZ purity requirement here, along with other hard facts about keeping healthy.

You have the choice. You can get your exclusive license - to be a Gold Baker!

STEINMETZ Premium Flour is from Grain - Made in Germany.